ABOUT BitPlex360

The Team Behind BitPlex360

Some investment dabblers have certain misconceptions about what the practice entails, due to a lack of awareness of how the system works. The team envisioned BitPlex360 to be a digital solution to the deficiency in financial literacy, especially in the world of investments.


Members of the Team

The innovative team behind BitPlex360 is made of individuals who conceived and built from scratch an easily accessible connector between Investment education firms and as many who realize their knowledge deficiencies. In this way, the much needed information is brought closer.


Operations of The Team

The team has put in the work in making BitPlex360 user-friendly as well as collaborating with Investment education firms. After a free and quick registration, BitPlex360 connects users with investment education firms dedicated to teaching about investment to enable users make educated financial choices.

What Does the Future Hold for BitPlex360?

As the demand for investment information increases, BitPlex360 remains dedicated to bringing such information closer to as many people as possible. BitPlex360 will continue to do this by bringing investment education firms and as many as are willing to learn together.


The Vision Behind BitPlex360

A quote from an author and financial educator, Sharon L. Lechter goes thus: “Without financial literacy, a person isn’t prepared to face the world they are living in.” The team behind BitPlex360 recognizes how unprepared the average person is for the world’s current financial realities.

BitPlex360 envisions a world populated with financially literate people. A great step towards achieving this is bridging the gap between the everyday person and investment education firms. These firms are equipped with tools and instructors which will assist financial knowledge seekers with the knowledge they seek.

Connecting you to the firm
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